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Speaking or interview requests, please contact:

media [at] sapience.com.au

This is the best way to contact Drew if you're looking for urgent commentary on:

  • Small business risks
  • Small business owners and the risks their families face
  • Purpose driven small businesses
  • Diversity and Inclusion as a profit driver of a business

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Quotable quotes

  • 'Nothing is as important as the family you choose'
  • 'Don't sell rubbish to good people'.
  • 'Telemarketers and Life insurance — should never mix'
  • 'The biggest risk for Gen Y today is the loss of an ability to 'continue to earn an income'
  • 'Behind every real business, there's a real person with an unusual story."
  • 'Tomorrow, history will judge us all on our businesses and our demonstrated commitment towards acceptance, respect and inclusion of all people. But today, the consumer will judge us, and rightly so.'
    Our backstory - unUsualrisks.com.au
  • 'If you want absolute certainty and peace of mind, get your life insurance from a professional Risk Adviser, not the local bank clerk or a telemarketer.' 
    Telemarketers & Insurance - unUsualrisks.com.au
  • 'We find that generally, people want to be responsible and when given the opportunity and the tools to do so, they rise to any challenge and look for ways to help protect and provide for their loved ones.' No-one misses out
    - unUsualRisks.com.au

Our brand logos for media use


Sapience Financial & Investment Services


Sapience is our lead brand that's been serving financial & investment clients for over 18 years. We're one of the few multi-discipline advisers whose skills and licences span 'financial advice, insurance advice, mortgages and residential property investment'. We're not aligned with any banking institution, nor does any third party hold an equity stake or controlling interest over our business or freedom to provide advice. Click here for a media ready HiRes version of the Sapience logo.


unUsual Risks Insured Australia


In response to the unacceptable stigma and discrimination that many groups of people in the broader community have unfairly been subjected to, often at the hands of the financial services industry, we've decided to be the change in the world we wanted to see. So we designed and run an anonymous online pre-assessment service just for people with well managed HIV or Diabetes, who are interested in getting high-quality life insurance in place, to help them protect and provide for their families and loved ones.

We did this because we believe that everyone deserves a fair go and that access to high-quality life insurance and high-quality financial advice, should be a discrimination-free right of every Australian.

Live the unUsual Life!


Finally Sorted Modern Australian Estate Planning


Finally Sorted is the long-awaited solution to the problem of 98% of Australia's Generation Y & X - not having a modern estate plan in place that protects them if they become sick or injured and can't make decisions for themselves, and that provides protection for their partners, family and even aging parents, should the worst occur and they pass-away unexpectedly.

MediPros logo


Specialising in Insurances for the medical community. White-collar professionals are often highly paid and highly leveraged, so they need a comprehensive insurance strategy to safeguard what they have worked hard to achieve. MediPros is the Sapience specialty service that is focused on caring for those we couldn't do without.

drewbrowne com au

Drew blogs

We believe behind every great brand is a team of passionately creative people, fuelled by curiosity and empathy for their clients, friends, and supporters. Successful creative teams are always led by a vocal key person of influence (KPI) who continually strives to create meaning and significance for their market and who champions the bigger and much-needed conversations in the community.

Drew Blogs at Smallville.com.au and at Sapience.com.au


Special projects

As part of our visual commitment to be part of the change that we wish to see in the world we regularly share in joint ventures with like-minded people and organisations both locally and internationally. We believe in the value and change that entrepreneurial small business can make in the lives of those less fortunate. We continue to enjoy the ongoing support of many of our clients, friends, and supporters who in a world of multiple choice, continue to choose to do business with us, so that together we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

If who we are resonates as the type of people and business you'd like to be around, we'd love to chat and learn some more about you and your vision for what you do.

The registered logo of Non Bank-Aligned Adviser

Non Bank-Aligned Adviser

Did you know that the majority of mortgage brokers and financial advisers actually work for a bank or a bank owned distributor? At Sapience, we value freedom of thought, choice, and transparency of advice in financial services. Sapience is not bank owned, not bank aligned or bank funded and no institution holds an equity stake or provides volume bonus for our work either.

We believe that today’s customer deserves transparency and choices. If you believe that too, you’re our kind of person.

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