Life and business never work out as planned — nor do they both stay neat and ordered like we hoped. 

When you ask the best leaders in any successful business or organization how they learned to be successful, you’ll often hear the same answer: ‘Have a good mentor…’.  Mentoring differs from career and business coaching as mentors are usually outside an organisational mindset and have the experience, vision and freedom to see, and say, what you may not.

Another way to view the differences may be mentoring is relational while coaching is functional.  Coaching is designed for achieving a specific result and focused upon the acquisition of performance-based skills and knowledge. Mentors are focused upon developing relationships based upon trust and insight that impact the mentees capacity for success.

All real advancement requires honestly

If we’re honest, we all stand upon the shoulders of the giants who have gone before us. Whether known or unknown, recognised or obscure, the myth of the self-made man or women is a myth to those who are brave enough to take an honest appraisal of their life and see the advantages that have been made available to them.

Why do I offer mentor (or tormentor) -ship?

To the degree that we know ourselves is usually the degree to which others should trust us. 

In a world of political correctness, pressure groups and media training, only straightforward talking produces straightforward thinking. Only this brings clarity and cut through to a situation.

Why bother?

What if you spent your entire life achieving but never packaged and shared your wisdom with anyone else? Would that mean you were never really successful? Success should never end with you.

Through mentoring we add to the broader community of knowledge, experience and creative expression that creates meaning and significance for people. If you need a higher reason than that, I’m not your kind of mentor.
- Drew Browne

Another way to view the differences may be mentoring is relational while coaching is functional.

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