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In June 2015 the forward thinking Tracy Sheen, founder and director of Daunted 2 Done invited us to be part of her panel of industry experts for her new podcast show, 'Not Another Business Show' for entrepreneurs and business owners. Tracy hosts an interesting investigative journalistic format where she interviews a panel of working experts and asks them insightful practical questions about a range of topics to help busy business owners access fresh and relevant ideas and energy.

The first set of podcasts topics included:

  • Beginning With The End In Mind
  • Time Management
  • Branding Your Business
  • Start Up
  • Meet The Experts
  • Finding Customers

Do yourself a favour and subscribe to her podcast - or send the link to a friend or colleague who you think might benefit from some fresh thinking. You may be surprised who Tracy talks to. ☺

You can find Tracy's podcasts in the Apple Store or from her website link: http://www.daunted2done.com.au/feed/podcast

Follow this link to the Apple Store podcast

Drew Browne

You never really understand a system until you start to change it.
I’m an entrepreneur specialising in usable strategic financial advice for Small Business Owners and their families. After 20+ years of experience in law and financial services, I've come to believe there are some conversations that are too important not to have. And in the end, we won’t remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

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