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Spoiler alert — there’s no such thing as a self-made person

In fact, the majority of the self-proclaimed self-made millionaires in business seem to have little practical skill sets we can learn from today - apart from a collection of war stores and antidotes about life was harder back then.

As their situations were different, their resources, environment and opportunities different – if they still cling to the vanity of ‘how they did it all their way’ – it’s no surprise a modern business owner might find little that’s positive that we can learn from such a personality.

We believe that building a modern successful business is a team sport because there’s simply not enough time in the day for a single individual to do everything well. And if you try to do everything yourself, you'll most likely end up doing everything poorly.

To add insult injury, you’ll probably be overtaken by the person whose' partnering with others.

We have a conversation architecture for talking about partnerships and joint ventures

We see partnerships as an intersection of three core elements of;

  • Brand,
  • Distribution and
  • Product

When looking at what a potential commercial partner can bring to the table, it's usually addressed by one of these three core principles.

Our experience to date has been there are 6 board types of partnerships.

  1. Brand partnerships - where a person or a brand can enhance the reputation of another.
  2. Product partnerships - where a person or a brand can add to an existing product offering and add additional value to a client.
  3. Distribution partnership - where a person or brand can simply get you in front of more people, (perhaps the right people) or provide more 'bums on seats'.
  4. Investment partnerships - where a person or organisation can provide additional financial resources.
  5. Introduction partnerships - where partnering with people who can introduce you to other key business leaders.
  6. Insights partnerships - where partnering with a person or a team can help provide intelligent insights based upon new experiences and their exposure to real-world opportunities and divergent thinking.

So if you have an interesting idea to consider, a panel discussion to promote, a key issue interview, perhaps an award to Judge or a business strategy to test, let’s have a conversation.

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